High Performance Food For Canine Athletes

Billy Snodgrass

Distance Dog Food™ was formulated and developed by Billy Snodgrass of Dubois, Wyoming. Billy is a professional musher who has competed in numerous races, including the Iditarod. Billy is a third generation Wyoming native and operates Continental Divide Dogsled Adventure, a dog sled adventure business.

Billy has over 20 years experience in dog handling and raising. He has received “The Sportsmanship Award” and the “Best Cared For Team Award.” The harsh Wyoming winter and high stress conditions led Billy in his search for the ultimate in canine diet, Distance Dog Food™.

“Hi, Im Billy Snodgrass,

Twenty years ago I began running sleddogs. As my dog sled tour operation and  kennel of Alaskan Huskies grew, (now 200 dogs) and I became a competitive racer. I soon realized nutrition was a key factor in performance. I tried a lot of different dog foods and was never satisfied, so I decided to create. Distance Dog Food TM.

After 15 years of feeding Distance I have competed in over 20 long and mid distance races, and have had great results from this formula. I have a lot of 10 to even 14 year old dogs still running tours every day. I raise all my puppies on it, they grow up strong and healthy.

I hope you’ll try feeding Distance Dog Food to your canine athlete”

Billy Snodgrass