High Performance Food For Canine Athletes

Feeding Philosophy

The founder of Distance Dog Food , Billy Snodgrass, Iditarod verteran and sled dog racing specialist, developed this product in order to satisfy the needs of his Alaskan Husky racing sled dogs. High in protein, fat and carbohydrates, this dog food has helped Billy’s dog teams perform in sprint, mid-distance and long distance dog sled races throughout North America.

Billy believes that a dog should be hungry when it is fed. That means not over feeding and never “free choice” feeding. He also believes that dogs should be kept in good physical condition all their life through exercise. Some of Billy’s dogs have finished the Alaska’s Iditarod Race at the age of 10.

Billy believes this performance and longevity is the result of good genetics, good training, and good nutrition.

Our goal at Distance Dog Food TM is to provide dog owners with a product made under the simple notion that all dogs deserve to eat great food.

We hope your dog enjoys our product.


A better dog food for better results