High Performance Food For Canine Athletes



“I have been running dogs for over 18 years and in that time have tried feeding alot of different dog foods.  I have yet to find one that matches Distance Dog Food for its performance and cost.  I have been feeding it for over 10 years now and my dogs always look great!  I have never had such an easy time keeping weight on the dogs during fall training when they are under stress.  My dogs loved it during last year’s Iditarod where we placed 8th using a great food like Distance Dog Food.  I can't imagine feeding anything else!”

Jessie Royer, proud owner of
the Iditarod dog golden harness award

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"The consistency and quality in Distance Dog Food was key to my successful season. I have fed other premium products in the past and the dogs have been on the roller coaster ride with all the up's and down's with each bag fed. Distance Dog Food has put my team and I in the Lead!"

Allan T. Berge Jr.
WOGCC Drilling Inspector
Seismic at Ashton Dog Derby 2009, 100 mile race, 2nd place.

Rick Katucki at the 09 Eagle Cap Race

"My dogs do really well on DDF.  They eat it without hesitation, their coats look good, they maintain lean mass and have lots of stamina.  On an amusing note, only another musher could appreciate the pleasure I get from seeing the nice tight turds my dogs produce on DDF. "

"I have been feeding Distance Dog Food for three years now. When I first switched to Distance from another premium kibble I noticed an enormous increase in energy throughout the kennel. My dogs have had the fuel they need on long runs with Distance, plus my team recovers quickly after rigorous training and tough stretches of trail. Distance Dog Food is our kibble of choice. "

T.J. Shrader
Cold Canyon
Racing Seppala Siberian Sled Dogs

Troy Larsen
5 Degrees Kennel
Pcture from ‘09 Ashton Idaho Dog Derby.
Finished in 1st place.
Fed his dogs with DDF the whole 08-09 season.

"DDF has played a great part in getting and keeping our dogs in top shape. One of the greatest advantages is that I can feed less and yet maintain the weight of our performance dogs adequately. If a dog gets thin it is very easy to increase weight with a little extra feeding.
DDF is a great value for the high performance product that it is. Our dogs have excellent coats and distinctly higher performance while on DDF compared to other dog food products. DDF powered us to our 1st place skijoring finish at the 2009 Ashton Dog Derby."

“In over 20 years of distance racing this must be the best I have used. You can feed it dry, mixed with meat, soaked or in any other form you want. My dogs always liked it, looked well and performed. Even the price is great and for a top quality product like this it's a no brainer.”

William Kleedehn

" Coming from a diverse background of training and handling Police K9's, Sleddogs and other working canine athletes for over 18 years, nutrition is a key building block for success. Distance Dog Food provides high quality nutrition, no matter what your mission."
Jon Bunderson


“… My golden Kody is 7 years old.  Since he was about 2 he started suffering from what seemed to be a genetic arthritic pain in his front right wrist and both Acl's in his rear joints since then.  It has been so bad in the last 3 years that his muscle has deteriorated in his rear legs that he had a difficult time going on a long walk.  Since switching over to distance, I've noticed that his energy level one has greatened, but he went on a 5 mile hike in the mountains with no sign of pain!  His muscle has been growing back and is strenght is growing week by week.  He has gone from me thinking he may only have a few years left in him back to an energetic friend that can join us on all the camping and hiking adventures as well as our nightly walk with the family!...”

Kevin Thorbahn